Does 100% cranberry juice (no sugar or anything added) go bad quickly?!


Does 100% cranberry juice (no sugar or anything added) go bad quickly?

It's been open for a few weeks... Would 100% juice go bad quicker than juice with the sugar and everything added?

Juices and Juice Cocktails contain no preservatives, so they should be tightly capped and refrigerated after opening. And while we can’t say exactly how long they’ll last, if you keep our juices in these conditions, once open they should last seven to ten days.
If you store your juices unopened in reasonable conditions, they should be drinkable for up to twelve months. This may vary, of course, depending on the juice and the storage conditions.
Cranberries are very high in vitamin C and fiber. Commercial cranberry drinks usually contain a lot of sugar, so you can make your own cranberry juice at home very easily with your own juicer. If you find the juice to be too sour, you can sweeten the juice with apple juice. Cranberries and apples make a great combination juice that’s full of important nutrients.
There are two kinds of cranberries produced in North America. There’s the familiar red cranberry that matures in October and the white cranberry that matures earlier.
When choosing your cranberries, you should look for ones that are bright red in color, hard, and plump. Try to stay away from soft, dull, or wrinkled berries. Cranberries will keep up to two months refrigerated, or you can seal them in plastic bags or a container and freeze them. They will keep in the freezer for up to one year!
Fresh cranberry juice is much more nutritional then the commercial variety. The vitamins have not evaporated or boiled off from the pasteurization process.
Drink fresh cranberry juice to fight infections. This would include sore throats and colds. It is a good drink for kidney, bladder problems and urinary tract infections. Use it in conjunction with flushing out a kidney stone.


If it's been refrigerated, it's probably alright. But I can't imagine having to drink pure cranberry juice w/o any sugar in it!

it should be fine. take a smell and small sip and you will know. It probably has preservatives and the PH level is acidic which kills bacteria.


Closed and at a dark place you can store it for quite some time.
Once opened it should be kept refrigerated and drunk within a week or two. It doesn't go bad first, but it looses the goodies, i.e. the vitamins.

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