How much coffee should a 14-year old teen drink?!


How much coffee should a 14-year old teen drink?

I rarely drink it but I'm considering drinking it more. I love coffee and how it enhances my mood and energy, but I know about how it can be addictive, etc. I don't want it to affect my health negatively.
thank you!

None, I do not drink coffee. I just could never acquire the taste for it, Tea is another one I cannot get the taste for. I am glad of it since it is very habit forming. At age 14, develop your vices very carefully. Coffee is really expensive. A less expensive alternative that would be better for you is WATER. I drink lots of water, and am much better for it. That's just my 2 cents worth. If you need the caffeine, you must not be getting enough good sleep, your body will tell you all about it. These energy drinks can also be very dangerous to your kidneys. Unless you want to have your kidneys fall out of you by the time you are 30 stay away from anything with lots of caffeine in it.

My personal experience with kidney failure, and stones brought on by too much caffeine. Advise from my urologist.

water water water.


You shouldn't. Coffee screws up your organs no matter how old you are. Puts you on the wire too. And when you get addicted to it and don't get it you get really grippey.


Actually none. But, occasionally it is okay. I say 5 cups in a month to the MAXIMUM will do no harm.

None.......Drink WATER!!!!
Umm..but if u really like it..atleast Once or Twice a Week AT The Most!!!

But Its Really Not Good
I Drink Cappuchino But Once In 4 Days..Like when i Need It!!
I Drink A Small Cup!!

You should only drink de-caf coffee. You are still growing, and if you search on the web you will see there is a lot of research about the negative impact of caffeine on growth.

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