Juicers Versus Blenders?!

Question: Juicers Versus Blenders?
Pros & cons for both please!

OR do you know of a good dual model?

Thanks! :)


Function The largest difference between juicers and
blenders is their function. Blenders use
rotating blades to break down the solid items
in the blender, and all components of the food
item end up in the final product. A juicer is
designed to remove the juice from a produce item. Blenders often contain multiple settings
for various degrees of blending and are
generally considered more multipurpose
than a juicer, whose sole function is to
separate the juice of an item from the solid
parts and fiber content of the food. Uses If your intent is to have freshly-squeezed
juices, a blender cannot separate the juice as
successfully as a juicer. Blenders do not
differentiate between the juice and the fiber
of a food item. For example, a juicer will
render a sweet, smooth juice from an orange, but a blender will create a pulp-filled
blend that includes the skin and membrane of
the orange. A blender can perform more
functions than juicing, including grinding dry
items or chopping ice. If you want a
multifunction blending machine, a blender may be the best option for you.

Well I used to have (until yesterday) a Jack LaLane Juicer... but the motor died after 3 uses... I guess I put too much stuff in (I put in 3 quarter apples and a carrot, and the thing died at the end). This of course is after getting a new motor put into it after the LAST time it died (had to send it back to the company.
Garbage day was yesterday, I threw it out.
I wasn't paying to send it back a 2nd time! My mom had it for 3 years and almost never used it, then gave it to me. I used it for about 2 weeks a year ago, and killed the motor. Sent it back, they fixed it, didn't use it again till last week, used it 3 days in a row, and it died a 2nd time.
I'll never buy another one.

I've seen the Vitamix machines when they do their pitch at Costco... Seems like a great machine, the food that comes out of it is amazing (I ate a lot of samples)... but it's about $400!!!

I guess you get what you pay for.
I'm saving up for a Vitamix.

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