Why must lids be taken off on drinks bought at festivals?!

Question: Why must lids be taken off on drinks bought at festivals?
When buying a drink at a festival now, alcoholic or non alcoholic, all drinks from all shops are served without the lid... Does anyone know why that is ? They have signs saying it is compulsory and they can get fined if they serve drinks with lids on..

However you are allowed to bring in water only if it has a sealed cap..
So why do they serve drinks only without lids? And not let you keep the lids?


Because they are being sold to be consumed on the premises. If they were selling beverages to take home - it would require a different license, possible retail sales tax and inspection. Taking the lid of ensures it is for immediate consumption and not a retail sale.

because if it is a fizzy drink people shake them open the lid slightly and chuck it.

been told at a festival before

Because if the lid is on, they think you got it from an outside source


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