Got sick from Red Bull?!

Question: Got sick from Red Bull?
Ok, I am 14 years old and I got peer pressured into drinking about 2 1/2 red bulls. Of course I'm never going to let that happen again.But about an hour later my throat starting getting dry; then when I returned home from the sleepover, I noticed that I was starting to cough abit.
A day later; my coughing became more fierce.I ended up getting sick the rest of the week,and I am still recovering from my sickness.So, did I get sick from the red bull; or not?I Have a friend who thinks the Red Bull did get me sick......

And please no ''YOUR TOO YOUNG TO BE DRINKING THAT'' or other pathetic answers; I just want to know,PLUS I said I won`t ever do that again.[Sorry of there are any Spelling errors,I am using my Wii.] Thank you.


Are you sure it was just Red Bull? its sounds a bit like it contained alcohol and you had a hangover, you shouldn't really be drinking alcohol if this is the case, but i will advise you anyway. firstly you must always drink on a full stomach of food a good meal, secondly alway drink water and thirdly ensure you are with trusted people in familiar surroundings.

alcohol is viewed by the bod as poison and thats why it has its effect, your body makes you go to the toilet and the result id dehydration hence why you must drink a lot of water. and never mix drugs with alcohol.

I don't know if it could have made you sick, but it certainly could have messed up your throat if you drank it fast, but thats not to do with t being Red Bull its more to do with the gas.

Did you share the drink with anybody? because the chances are you caught a bug from somebody else at your sleep over because you were all in a small space its easier to catch thing like the flu etc.

And by the way the flu bug has nothing to do with the whether being cold, its spread more when its cold because larger groups of people tend to be in more confined spaces.

maybe you had an allergic reaction to something contained in the drink.

Some things you should know about Red Bull, it is just an energy drink its main ingredient is caffeine just like coffee or coke. while its not the best thing to drink its not because of your age its just bad period because of the sugar.

don't drink too much

thats what happens when you follow friends

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