Is it bad that I drink Red Bull...?!

Question: Is it bad that I drink Red Bull...?
I heard Red Bull could kill you, but I have really good health... could I still drink it, but not everyday to have less of a risk? Or do you think I should just stop drinking it all together..? I really like Red Bull.. so... maybe to not have the big of a risk should I drink it at the very most once a week..? Or not even that.. and I shouldn't drink it? Because I don't really wanna die to be honest with you xD But I did hear that it's okay to have like a can of it once in a while..


Depends what age you are and how often you drink it
Im old enough to have say 2 a day
but if you are about 16 then i think you should be having one or two a week it is bad for your health and can stop you from growing so be aware!
Stay Safe

Energy drinks are fine. That is just people with a tiny bit of knowledge showing exactly how little they truly know. Excessive caffeine use can cause a variety of health problems. It can also cause the heart beat faster but it doesn't "cause" death. People who die from elevated heart activity after consuming caffeine already had a with their heart. Just the caffeine triggered it. It could have also been triggered by exercise, thrilling excitement (like at an amusement park), fright, or anything else that can cause your heart to beat faster.

Caffeine is a fine boost for energy levels. As long as you are well hydrated and use it in moderation you will be fine. The maximum safe level for daily intake is 300mg. People who rely on caffeine every day just to keep going are doing things wrong in regards to sleep, hydration, and nutrition.

Red Bull has 80 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. Mountain Dew has 55 mg per 12 oz. It is no worse for you than having a couple sodas a day, plus it has some added vitamins and minerals like the B complexes and taurine. There is nothing particularly nefarious about Red Bull compared to other soda pops. If you eat a nutritious diet and have no serious heart or kidney issues, drinking one a day will not cause significant problems.

student nurse

I'm 24 and i buy it by the crate, i have between five and six cans a day which i know is bad for me but short term binges on it are fine, i don't have any health problems from it (yet)...

i did cut back for a while when i began bleeding spontaneously out of the pores on my right arm about six months ago but when that stopped i got back on it!
I wouldn't worry too much, if i can abuse it to this extent and be ok then if you're healthy i'd say just use your own judgement based on how you feel!

Drink in moeradtion. Only when you actually need it, you will be fine.

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