Where is the best place for coffee?!

Question: Where is the best place for coffee?
I heard starbucks has really good coffee but i also heard mcdonals and dunkin donuts do too but that mcdonalds is the least good out of three.

Opinions on which of these places or of any other places which you believe has the best coffee?



McDonald's coffee is garbage, dunkin donuts is decent and starbucks is really good if you have the money.
If you must go out for coffee hit up one of those small chain coffee stations, I don't know what kind of area you live in but the area I live there are basically no chain coffee makers except for starbucks...there are millions of these little " huts" that make coffee as well as many "mom and pop" coffee shops...those are the best.

But my all time favorite is folgers at home :)

MOST DEFINITELY STARBUCKS!! there is such a wide variety. Plus, coffee is their specialty, so its very good

My personal experience. :)


at the kitchen table?

No doubt Starbucks....

Tim Hortons!

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