Is Drinking Seamen Considered Cannibalism?!

Question: Is Drinking Seamen Considered Cannibalism?
I need to know its important


No, and neither is drinking milk from a mother or drinking urine. Eating human flesh is cannibalism.

It depends on what you mean by "drinking" seamen. In the literal sense, the seaman (or men) would have to be killed before or during the blending process that would turn him in to a drinkable liquid. Therefore,drinking such a liquid would be an act of cannibalism. If you mean "drinking" as a metaphor for oral copulation, then no, even if you end up swallowing some of the seaman's semen, because you wouldn't necessarily be taking his life, just some of his bodily fluid. Just as swallowing your own mucous or saliva wouldn't make you a cannibal either.

Haahaha. Were you to drink SEAmen, I think a very large blender would be needed, and yes that would be considered cannibalism. Drinking semen, however, does not make you a cannibal.


No. 'Seamen' aren't people.

Are you planning on going around and collecting enough 'seamen' to drink it?
Why is it important for you to know?

*edit* Serving semen at a party? Your name suits you.

ur wonder...and no

common sense

No? It can be argued that semen alone doesn't make up a human, but only half of the potential. So I would say no.

God! Seriusly? Don't they have special internet sites for people like YOU???

drinking? You need to chew.

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