Green Tea Taste Question?!

Question: Green Tea Taste Question?
Lately I've been reading about how great green tea is for you and I want to start drinking it. The only problem is, I've tried green tea and I hated it. Actually, I hate any tea. So, my question is: How can I make green tea taste good?


you can add some honey in it .

Green tea can taste different from each maker, the sweeteners used, whatever flavorings they want to add, or even just from batch to batch as each tea plant can taste different from various parts of the world, time of year and weather patterns.

By itself, or even if simply sweetened with just sugar it can be bland. It just isn't the same as black tea which is widely popular as a better tasting tea though they both come from the same plant.

Just try different ones. Maybe add some of your own flavorings to it. I do mine with honey and ginger ale and love it.

However, if you don't like regular tea and don't like any green tea after trying a few different ones then consider using a supplement version of green tea. You will get the same health benefits without having to drink it.

Green tea can taste differnt depending on the way that it is prepared and what it is served with. Adding honey or a little bit of lemon can make it taste good. Putting the honey in the green tea when it is hot can really taste good (a personal favorite of mine). Also, if you are making hot tea, the steaping time can very the taste. Black tea is also good, that is what is mainly used in the sweet tea from the south. the Arizona brand makes some really good teas. the green tea and honey is good. also the half and half is good and that is half lemonade and half tea.

Green tea Tastes vary by brand, the best one i have found that tastes good is bigalowe brand green tea, I use 2 teaspoons of honey to sweeten it, its very good.

try differen type Sencha from Japan taste different, but it taste grassy. I like it, but it's not for everyone
try ice tea. you might want to add Torani syrup

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