Coffee lover? What brand of coffee do you prefer?!

Question: Coffee lover? What brand of coffee do you prefer?
I wanted to know what brand of coffee you guys loved!
I love coffee also, i drink it in breakfast and in merienda. I love the NESCAFE brand the 3 in 1 for it has this perfect sweetness and aroma of the coffee:)

If you're a coffee lover please share you're experience too:D


I love making my homemade Maxwell house coffee. Nothing is better than coffee made at home. When I don't have time to make coffee, I stop at wawa. I love their flavored creamers and their flavored coffees. That's probably the only place besides home where I would drink my coffee. You know who else has great tasting coffee.... Starbucks. I've only had their coffee once and I fell in love with it. But I don't live close to a starbucks. I have a wawa across the street so Im good :-)

well i dont really have a favorite, but i drink NESCAFE decaf.
its really good. :DD

Coffee is coffee. All tastes the same too me.

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