Rate the following drinks based on caffeine content please?!

Question: Rate the following drinks based on caffeine content please?
i've been pulling a lot more all-nighters recently because of school and i think it's time to resort to caffeine. can you guys rate the following drinks from the least to most amount of caffeine? also, feel free to add any of your own and give me tips.
Red Bull
5 Hour Energy
Four Loco (haha i'm kidding. i'm too young for that)
Lots of soda
Green Tea (i doubt this has a lot of caffeine but i'll add it to the list)
Lipton Tea
Vitamin Water Energy (idk if this has actual caffeine or something else)


Decaf teas have 5 - 10 mg
Decaf coffee has 10 - 20 mg
Regular colas have 23 - 28 mg
Green Tea has 30mg
Diet colas have 30 - 35 mg
Mountain Dew has 45mg
Black Tea has 50 mg (Lipton Tea)
Energy drinks have 80 - 83mg of caffeine. (Monster, Red Bull, 5 Hour, XS)
Coffee starts at 85mg and goes up.

I don't know what four loco or kombucha are.
Other sodas may or may not have caffeine.
Vitamin water doesn't have coffeine and is just a waste of money anyhow.

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