What would you put in your dream milkshake?!

Question: What would you put in your dream milkshake?
I would put in...
milk (obviously haha)
french vanilla ice cream
fudge sauce
then blend...add whipped cream on top and more fudge caramel sauce topped with sugar almonds :) you?


Milk, 2/3 french vanilla ice cream and 1/3 chocolate ice cream. I would have french fries and nuts on the side for dipping--I love sweet and salty tastes mixed together.

Look at u fatties above LOL

I would put kiwi, blueberry, acai bery, and peanuts and really cold milk

Chocolate and Ice Cream

HagenDaz Coffee Icecream ofcorse.To the pub man.Sicko!

Oreos (Y)

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