What's the best flavour of Starbucks coffee?!

Question: What's the best flavour of Starbucks coffee?
And how do I get the Starbucks membership card?


I really like a vanilla latte :) i have also tried a gingerbread latte which was gorgeous but i think it was only available around christmas time :( if you have a real sweet tooth try a white chocolate mocha, will surely satisfy! not sure about the membership card, maybe ask in the shop? have a nice coffee break! don't skip on the peach and raspberry muffin!! :)

Hazelnut Breve. Mmmm. Lotta calories though.

just ask the barista (clerk) to set you up with the card.

(breve is pronounced bra-vay, I asked for a breeve and they laughed at me)

Frankly, I like Sumatra. True coffee drinkers do not drink flavored.

I am a true coffee drinker.

coffee is my favorite flavor
don't know about a membership card


Have you tried some sort of Vanilla Cream? That stuff is good.

I like anything "bold"! Just go online at starbucks.com and sign up for a card - they'll mail it to you.

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