Why does Mountain Dew Beverage make you have to urinate so often?!

Question: Why does Mountain Dew Beverage make you have to urinate so often?
So I love Mountain Dew and I know lots of people do. But Ive also noticed that everyone who drinks it, including me, is constantly urinating (like a pregnant woman almost). I know its liquid and all but Im wondering what is in it that makes you have to urinate so much?
Thank you!


It has nothing to do with it being a processed beverage. You probably drink more of it faster than you would normally drink water, so you have to urinate more.

Plus, caffeine is a diuretic. That means it makes you urinate more.

Processed foods are digested faster and due to that, they make you eat more. They also make you have to go to the bathroom more. It's the same thing with processed beverages. :{()

because it has absolutely nothing of value for your body so it is processed right for disposal.

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