Look, what would you do if it was democraticly decided homosexuality was no longer allowed?!

Question: Look, what would you do if it was democraticly decided homosexuality was no longer allowed?
Would you accept and take medical treatment to become normal or would you break the law?


Oral sex isn't allowed in a few states I've lived in but I certainly never stopped a man from going down there on me. If I was gay I'd continue that like I continue to enjoy oral sex. :)

How could it be democratically decided? What about all the homosexuals and heterosexuals who aren't against homosexuality? They wouldn't vote against it.

Also, you cannot designate people as not 'normal' because of their sexual preference. If that preference is for consenting adults of either the same or opposite gender then they are normal.

Would you take medical treatment to make you attracted to your own sex? I wouldn't. I am happy with who I am and think no one has the right to deny me my freedom to express myself sexually with other consenting adults.

So it would be the same for homosexuals. Of course they wouldn't agree to medical treatment to make them heterosexual. That would be a violation of their human rights and wouldn't occur in a democracy.

EDIT - @JESSICA - What states ban oral sex? I'm from the UK so this is a legit question. I simply don't know but am curious :)

There is no "medical treatment" that can "cure" homosexuality. All mammals have varied sexuality because we're emotionally developed enough to have a wide sexuality spectrum- why are people so against humans having emotional depth? The only reason for banning homosexuality is religious. What makes people of faith think they are immediately entitled to ban things they don't agree with for everybody else? I'd break the law.

I would start and/or join a group of protesters and fight the law, and I wouldn't listen to them anyways. I will be with my boyfriend regardless of what anyone tells me. That said, I don't think it would ever happen again and there is no such thing as a 'cure' for being gay or bisexual. Not to worried about it.

I would never accept it. Medical treatment? It's not a condition to be treated. Normal? Homosexuality is normal. Ever study Kohlberg's stages of moral development? I'm simply too evolved to accept law if it's morally unsound. I would fight this to the bitter end.

Civil disobedience is a moral and political obligation in cases like this.

@Be My Man: States cannot legally prohibit certain sexual acts, but they have often tried to. Most recently the Supreme Court overruled a state's ability to prohibit sodomy (e.g. any sexual act besides masturbation or vaginal sex) in 2003. If you want to learn more about this decision, search Lawrence v. Texas.

There is such a pill that exist that makes fetuses develop to what most of society deems "normal", yes a actual anti-gay pill does exist, but it works on female fetuses only for some reason.

What medical treatment? I would just choose celibacy.


Start a revolution

Break the law.

What can I say, I like me some boobs.

I'm not homosexual, but I would be trying hard to change that law.

Who are you to say what's "normal"?

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