what do I do when I lay on my side it goes numb and i wake up in pain every night?!

Question: What do I do when I lay on my side it goes numb and i wake up in pain every night?
and they say you cant lay on your back or stomach so what can I do for my bed and my side?
what do you think is best go buy a mattress topper, tuck pillows undeneath me or?


I had very strong back pain and hip pain. Every night, I turned liked crazy-several times, just to make that pain disappear at least for a couple of minutes. I bought this huge pregnancy pillow (


it takes a couple of nights to get used to the pillow, but it totally worth it: you don't have the temptation to lie on your back-the pillow won't let you, you get the support for your belly, and whenever you turn, it's still there)))

now, with the hip pain (if you have one), the only solution that works for me is going for a walk before sleep, trying to move as much as possible before going to bed (no lazily sitting in front of TV!!!). Maybe, do some stretching... (I noticed the nights after I have classes when we sit a lot + driving there/home for 2 hours are the most painful)

Hope this helps,
Good luck and congrats!

I have a body pillow. It work wonders for me. It supports you belly head ad props you legs. There are different kinds, you just find the one you think will best fit you. You can find them and any walmart, target, kmart, Walgreen's. I had the same problem and that's what worked. hope everything works out for you.

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