how can i lose weight very fast? (i have a dance coming up)?!

Question: How can i lose weight very fast? (i have a dance coming up)?
i need a way to lose weight within a few weeks before our school dance. medication is out of the question and diet and exercise don't work for me (i am 13 by the way)


Firstly, how much do you weigh? Because exercise is different for everyone of all different sizes.

Secondly, cut all the crap/junk food out and sugary drinks, I don't care if you tell me diet doesn't work for you, keep the calories and carbohydrates low and the fats very low, drinks lots of ice cold water in the day too! This really does help too!

Finally, cardio is a must, you must jog 30 minutes atleast 3-4 times a week, possibly more if you can. You must also do some weight training, I know this sounds silly but you burn a lot of calories by doing bicep curls, pull downs etc

You won't lose a lot of weight by going through this but you will lose up to 4-6lbs if you stick by it!

Oh and do not, I repeat, do not resort to throwing up or starving yourself, that makes things worse and you will be in no fit shape to dance!

Hope this helps!


"... diet and exercise don't work for me."

Have you actually stuck with any diet for more than a week in concert with a consistent workout regimen?
Yeah, I thought not.

Nothing you can do, best to just keep eating and sitting on your butt complaining you need to lose weight.

short answer. you can,t. you,ve covered all of the available options except amputation of a limb. you have to be realistic, and take appropriate steps to lose weight.

Eat properly and work out. It's not that hard..

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