Does Snapple Kiwi Strawberry and Summer Peach have Caffeine?!

Question: Does Snapple Kiwi Strawberry and Summer Peach have Caffeine?
There aren't a tea just a juice drink, but I want to be sure. Im pregnant and trying to avoid all caffeine.


Juices won't have caffeine in them. This one is safe.

You can probably still have a decaffeinated green tea if you like. If your doctor told you to avoid caffeine double check with them first. After all decaf isn't caffeine free.

And just because they make their drinks with "the best stuff on Earth" has no bearing over caffeine one way or the other. That guy is just nuts! Caffeine is a natural part of about 30 plants including coffee, tea, chocolate, and gurana. There is nothing wrong with it unless you have a sensitivity to it, pregnant or not.

Pretty positive there is no caffeine in Snapple. They are all about "Made from the best stuff on earth". Now I personally consider caffeine to be some of the best stuff on earth (as long as you're not pregnant), but I have a feeling they don't think it's that great. Also, I just checked their site and it says there that those 2 flavors are caffeine free. Unless the drinks are tea, those, of course will have caffeine.

My head and…

Read the label, all the ingredients are there and the caffeine amount must be disclosed by law.

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