Full Throttle or Monster Energy Drinks..?!

Question: Full Throttle or Monster Energy Drinks..?
whats the difference between the two of them ?
and how long does the energy last (ex 5 hrs)
which would you choose ?


I've tried both and I prefer Monster Energy drinks. Monster is one of the most powerful energy drinks on the market. Not sure how long the effects last, but like alcohol, it would depend on your weight, and how often you drink it. If your a teenager, I would be very careful on how much you consume. You can overdose on it, as it has a lot of vitamins and caffeine. Even if your an adult like I am, you should be careful. If your not use to it, I would drink a weaker energy drink like Red Bull once a day, until your body gets accustomed to it. But never drink any energy drink more than twice a day, and never drink more than one at a time. And also don't mix it with alcohol. By the way, the FDA might put an age restriction on almost all energy drinks, because of some of the deaths that have happened after drinking energy drinks. Most of the deaths have occurred, while doing physical activity.

Chariots of Fire. Is all the same drinks, the difference is that the two different roles.

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