is it okay to drink lots and lots of pop, but lots and lots of water after?!

Question: Is it okay to drink lots and lots of pop, but lots and lots of water after?

It's really not okay to drink lots and lots of anything. Moderation!

If you drink a lot of regular soda, the sugar and acids will attack your teeth and digestion, leading to cavities, stomach upset, cramps. The sugar can spike your blood sugar levels causing a lot of insulin to have to be dumped in to counteract it. This can, over time, lead to type II diabetes. The excessive calories will replace healthy foods and lead to malnourishment, or obesity.

Drinking a lot of diet soda can lead to your taking in a lot of aspartame, which may be okay or may be really toxic ~ the jury is still out on that. Diet soda is still acidic, hard on your teeth and GI tract. Taking in a lot really quickly can cause dizziness, partly from the biproducts of aspartame.Some studies show drinking sweet tasting diet soda may lead to craving sweets because your body releases insulin, causing your blood sugar to dip.

The caffeine in both can lead to jitteriness, anxiety, and stress as your body releases cortisol in response.

Just as it wouldn't be a good idea to drink a gallon of fresh organic orange juice, it isn't a good idea to drink a gallon of soda. It is easy to do, very addictive, but not healthful! Not ingesting more than 2 or 3 cans of diet coke over the course of a day is just good sense.

P.S. You can also overdose on water, it is called hyponatremia.…

Good for what? If you're talking about your teeth, I'd say avoiding pop as much as possible....But, right after drinking it, swish water around in your mouth for about a minute afterward....whatever you do, don't brush your teeth until 30 minutes after drinking, as the acid will just be spread to other areas of the teeth...

well at least you wont be dehydrated. But the water wont make up for all the sugar, and fat though. And its still really bad for your teeth.

So no, the water wont magically make the pop not bad for you.

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