Is it bad if I try an energy drink?!

Question: Is it bad if I try an energy drink?
I am a 14 year old boy and I was wonderin if I could try a monster energy drink or something like that. Also what will happen if I just try it? And is it bad If I could drink them in moderation?


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they only put those age ratings on because it's possible to overdose and have a heart attack with caffeine, but thats if you drinklike an unbeleivable amount. i have drank it regularyly from about 8, and i truned out ok. i did kill a guy tho =[

I don't think it's bad if you drink them in moderation it won't be bad for you as long as you don't have one everyday. Although energy drinks do have alot of sugar in them. Yeah but iv'e drinking energy drinks since i was like 15 or something and im 18 now and all they do is what they say they just give you an extra energy boost sometimes i do feel like i get a little tired towards the evening after iv'e had an energy drink but with all energy drinks theres usually a crash a little while after you drink them.

i wouldnt say its too bad as I am 12 and even the 11 year old boys get them from a 13 year old in our school who sales them. personally I dont know why theu do it and our school is an academy so it is a bit strange. I dont think it will hurt to try a bit because some of the boys have like 2 cans a day. If you start to feel a bit strange leave it. lucozade is okay so why isnt that, dont drink too much

If your drinking it in moderation then you will be fine... but drinking it excessively could be bad for your health. There is no age limit on energy drinks and majority of them are safe for you or they wouldnt sell it to you at the local store.

You should stay away from most energy drinks. Buy like you said if you drink them in moderation you should be fine. Understand that everyone reacts differently to energy drinks you might hate them and your best friend might love them.

Use you're own judgement, but I would avoid the ones made with "certain chemicals". However Monster does not use these, so in moderation should be fine.

no it's not bad if u try it. I would only drink one per day. Energy drinks cause your heart to speed up and drinking too many can cause a heart attack


You should be able to handle energy drinks without any trouble. Just don't drink a whole bunch of them at once.

Its not vodka you know. Its an energy drink.

drink juice

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