what kinda of soda is your fav and why?!

Question: What kinda of soda is your fav and why?
mine would be moutain dew why cuz i love the taste of it and i love how it has lots of surger in it good for the body and soul haha need lots of it


my fave was SURGE but now I really like VAULT just something about it, I love the taste.

I don't drink it a lot, the phosphorous sucks the calcium right out of your bones.
but I when I do I prefer Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, It's kind of a Philadelphia/Eastern PA thing.
I love the taste, I've loved it since childhood. The runner up would be Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak also a very local favourite-very Philadelphia. I have lots of great memories especially of my dad and grandmother with both.

I rarely drink soda - maybe one a month at most - but when I do I go for the Hansen's Natural grapefruit flavored ones or Jones Soda green apple. Unless, of course, a splash of soda in a cocktail counts in which case my favorite is whatever they're using behind the bar. :-p

Dr pepper- luuvvvv the taste and fizziness is just perfect!


Peanut butter jelly sandwich


Canada Club Ginger Ale. It is made with real ginger (good for you) and is refreshing when cold.

i love all kinds of drinks. pop,energy drinks any thing really. you ask why idk

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