How do you personally like your coffee :)?!

Question: How do you personally like your coffee :)?
i like it with lots of sugar and some cramer in it (i forgot the flavor of the creamer ) it vanilla or somthing though


I like coffee any way I can get it. Then again, I'm originally from Norway and we're the largest consumers of coffee in the world. Get between us and our coffee and we might just burn Europe to the ground again, something we quit doing at the end of the Viking Age. A sudden seizure of all of our coffe just might make us mean again though.

Right now I'm drinking Gevalia's Irish Cream with some Bailey's Irish Cream creamer. It's more like a dessert than a coffee drink. I started out with a couple tiny cups of espresso though. When I finish this pot of Irish Cream, I'll switch to Gevalia's Velvet Noir with just a hint of heavy cream and stevia or one of Cascade Pride's many coffees I keep on hand. I've not decided just yet.

I drink coffee from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, as does Mr Dementia, so I have a lot of it around. We figured out a while back that we actually spend more on coffee than we do on meat products - and Mr Dementia is a body builder and basically a walking garbage disposal when it comes to food, so we spend a lot on meat products, too. If we were to suddenly stop drinking coffee in this house, an entire coffee producing nation could suddenly suffer economic collapse. So we don't do it just because we like coffee, no, not at all. We are supporting tiny tropical countries with no exports other than quality coffee beans all by ourselves. It would practically be a sin for us to stop drinking coffee when you consider that. Yup.

This also explains why my hair seems to have a life of its own. It's vibrating from all the caffeine.

I always use the International Delight coffee creamer, and no sugar since there is sugar in the creamer.

i like it with normal sugar and some strong coffee. it makes refresh. I also like nepales coffee too. its so nice test.

Italian style ie made with a stovetop mocha machine, not instant. I like it as a latte with one sugar.

me, just a little sweetener
usually Splenda or Stevia

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