I drink 10 litres of Orange juice everyday?!

Question: I drink 10 litres of Orange juice everyday?
ive just turned 13 an drink 10 litres of orange juice since i think december is there something wrong i just love it
for some weird reason


I think it's a bad idea to drink that much of anything besides water. You'd be consuming a lot of sugar too. I would recommend 1-2 glasses per day.

that is too much. there is alot of sugar and acid in oj. drink a few glasses a day, and that should really be all you should have.

You need to calm that down. You are wreaking havoc on your liver. There is definitely something wrong with drinking that much...1 litre is A LOT/TOO MUCH.

There's no way you're drinking 10 litres of anything a day. Your stomach can't process that much liquid.

You are probably needing vitamin C. Get you some vitamin c tables and take 4 or 5 per day until your craving lets up.

How can you family afford this?

there is no way you are drinking 10 liters. your body can't handle that much in a day. not to mention your teeth!! they must be rotting out of your mouth by now with all that sugar.

thats a lot of sugar and acid. get some vitamins & switch out some oj for some water or milk. MODERATION

My Dear friend,
you are going to turn ORANGE!!!

my friend

wayy too much sugar and bloody expensive how are you paying for that daily?!

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