Whats in juice and/or milk that can make you throw up?!

Question: Whats in juice and/or milk that can make you throw up?
A couple years ago I got a stomach virus, so I was home for a whole week and when I was all better I ate some cereal then a I'd say 45 mins later I got thirsty and drank some some fruit punch. Then two hours later I'm throwing up a pink sea of chunks. I know the milk nor juice was expired and this isn't the first time its happened to me ; the first time it was with hawaiian punch fruit punch flavor. I've been avoiding those combos for a while now, and I'm not lactose intolerant so what makes me get sick then?


When you are sick and even a little after, it isn't suggested to drink milk. It will coat your stomach and you will probably end up throwing up. It has nothing to do with the milk being expired. With the fruit punch, maybe there was some sort of acidic flavor in the (i.e. oranges, lemon, etc.) and it upset your stomach. If you were sick for a week with a stomach virus, your stomach wouldn't have been able to hold down stuff that, normally, you would be fine eating and/or drinking.

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