Can you make a latte out of regular coffee?!

Question: Can you make a latte out of regular coffee?
I'm really new to the coffee scene. I'm not picky at all but really want to skip on the high prices a coffee house and really enjoy vanilla lattes. Before I start investing in it possible to just put a little coffee and froth milk and add the flavored syrup? Has anyone ever tried that? Would that even come out anywhere close to the same flavor/texture?


The first three posters have NO clue.

It is best if you get the whole beasn that are ground at the store. Or if you have a grinder.

Choose a darker coffee. Espresso is just a strong coffee. If you want to just use regualr coffee maker pre ground coffee you sure cvcan.Just brew it good and dark.

A latte is espresso (strong coffee) with a LOT of steamed milk and little foam. If you don't have a milk steamer you cna meat the milk on the stove gently, whisk to get some foam. When it is nice and warmed with a bit of foam pour your coffee int he bottom of a cup (add a shot of flvaor if you wish) then gently pouer in the milk, use the back of a spoon to hold the foam until the end.

Top with foam.

A cappacino is basically the opposit of a latte. Strong coffee with a little milk and a LOT of foam.

A mocha is just a choc latte. You can use hershey syrup or what ever choc sryup you wsh.

An Americano ois the strong coffee with hot water added. But at coffee places they charge you more for what is basically a cup of coffee. Fancy name fancy price.

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Good luck to ya

i looked for it ....
there are big challenges to make it taste similar .... but it wont be latte ever... sorry

You could but it's hard.

No ...

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