Is iced tea bad for an 18 month old?!

Question: Is iced tea bad for an 18 month old?
my husband has been giving our son an occasional sip of his ice tea. i was wondering if the caffeine in tea is bad for him. i know a little sip here and there won't hurt but he really likes it and we use a all natural tea when we make it so i would like to give him a cup now and then (especially in the hot months) but i don't know if its healthy or not??

** just a side note i don't trust the doctors were i live so please don't tell me to ask them they really are a bunch of quacks up here. thank you for all your help


You're his mother so it would be up to you to decide, but water is good on a hot day too. Why get a child started on caffeine if you don't have too.

Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound that is a central nervous stimulant that can temporarily drive away the drowsiness and restoring energy. Coffee with caffeine, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks sell well, so that caffeine is the world's most commonly used psychotropic drugs. In North America, 90% of adults use caffeine every day. Many natural sources of caffeine also contain a variety of other xanthine alkaloids, including cardiac theophylline and theobromine and other substances such as tannins. After drinking the tea cup red flush, try to wash away the caffeine in tea

Caffeine is bad for any one, it cant do to much harm but tell your husband to lay off due to brain developement

no. sounds like a wonderful idea.

yeh dont get ur kid addicted to caffiene that early...

18 months old child has not been small, and ice tea is not what is the problem

Oh my goodness. Have to somewhat agree with the said called "douche". Tea is NOT going to hurt him. Doctors tell you to give small children around a year sips of freakin soda for stomach aches... I mean really? My son loves tea; I don't give him cups of it but look at all the sugar and crap that's in juices we pay money for for our little ones to drink. Tea isn't going to hurt him, just don't make it something he drinks all the time. Btw - this came from a website that's all about tea - "Common health facts about tea show us that it is rich in antioxidants, can shield our immune systems, stop infection," yadda yadda. Good luck.


So let me get this straight, you don't "trust" f'n professional doctors where you live because they are a bunch of quacks? Really? 8 years of med school and residency in the specific field of helping children out isn't good enough for you. Yet having a frickin' sexist who says "you're the mother so what you do is right (read that in a gay voice, it's funnier)", frickin' yoda over there who can't put words in the correct order, the health nut who says a caffeine is bad for everyone and last but not least a bear? THEY'RE good enough for you?

You mean to tell me rather than simply ask a person who makes a living (and quite a good one), answering questions like yours, you'd go to the internet, and rather than just LOOK UP a question that may have been answered by a doctor, you ask it to yahoo answers of all places, where you deal with douchebags like myself (and yes, I am a douchebag).

Well sir or madam, the answer is no... it is not as long as it's not too much.

good day

This problem has just been SOLVED

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