why is there so many soda and chocolate commercials with sexy women?!

Question: Why is there so many soda and chocolate commercials with sexy women?

sex sells, it's kinda sad tho 'cus they don't look like that in real life, these women in 'sexy' ads get airbrushed, foundationed to the max etc. and i think it's bad for younger girls who think they have to look like that to feel attractive >.>

The answer is simple - SEX IS PROFIT! Sex sell best, that's the reason for many commercials to use sexy woman, not just chocolate and soda, but also alcohol, cars, well, almost everything.
It's a psychology effect in the mind, everybody like sexy women. It's a fact that sexy woman in commercial increase the profit.
Tho words as i said at the beginning - Sex sell.

sex(y) sells.

Because it gets your attention, did it not?

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