What are the benefits of Green Tea?!

Question: What are the benefits of Green Tea?
I don't always, but usually drink coffee in the morning. I hear that Green Tea is way better. So i'm thinking of switching out. I heard its healthier and it stays with you longer than coffee. But what else?
I just want to know more about what it does before I actually go buy it. Yet I will still drink coffee occasionally but Green Tea mostly if I find I like what it does.
Q1 : What exactly does Green Tea do for your skin, body, hair etc.?
And Lastly Q2 : What does it do that coffee cannot?
I have tried Green Tea before and I liked it so im not worried about the taste. Only wondering what it does for you.
I will be checking in to find best answers, So good luck and thank you for answering!!
Please provide detail and if you used one a website i could check out. (=


I actually run a tea website and it has a lot of information on this topic.

There is a lot of evidence that green tea, and tea in general, is significantly healthier than coffee. The main reason is that coffee has much more caffeine than tea. Tea also has other things in it. It has a chemical, L-theanine - http://ratetea.net/topic/l-theanine-and-… - which promotes relaxation but also interacts with caffeine, allowing a smaller dose of caffeine to make you more alert. I have a general page about the health benefits of tea:


Is green tea healthier than black tea or other teas? Honestly, this is not really known, but most of the evidence suggests that all tea is healthy. It's probably more important that you drink fresh, high-quality tea (I recommend buying loose-leaf tea if possible) than it is that you drink a particular type of tea (like green tea or white tea). Personally? I love all types of tea. Right now I'm drinking a cup of oolong tea. After breakfast I had green tea. I often drink black tea too.

Tea is healthy. But it's primarily a beverage, not a medicine. The main benefits of tea are going to be if you enjoy drinking it and it makes you feel good. And only you can tell this by trying it for yourself!

If you want to switch from coffee to tea, I also have a page that can give you a few ideas to start:


If you really enjoy coffee, you might actually enjoy switching to black tea. You might enjoy exploring my site too, if you want to learn more about different types of tea. I would really encourage you to try getting some loose-leaf tea...it's worlds ahead of tea bags!

Good luck!

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