What do you like better pepsi or coke ?!

Question: What do you like better pepsi or coke ?
Can you also help me with this survey http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…


Diet Pepsi..

None, I'm sick of cola drinks lately, so I drink Mountain Dew, but I hate Pepsi's new logo and refresh campaign. Drinks companies should focus on drinks and charity organizations should focus on charity.

I prefer Pepsi. I just think it has a sweeter taste and isn't quite as carbonated so it doesn't burn so badly going down. I don't feel nearly as bloated drinking it either.

i like pepsi better , it has a better taste
pepsi max
because it has no sugar
and still tastes good
and is not bad for you

Pepsi probably.

Coke, especially cherry!!! :)



I like Pepsi better, but now it has to be Pepsi Max because I'm diabetic.




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