Do Evian water drinkers know they are paying $2 for a brand that spells Naive backwards?!

Question: Do Evian water drinkers know they are paying $2 for a brand that spells Naive backwards?
Gullible expenditure?


It doesn't taste all that good, is too expensive, litters the environment, and isn't much better than filtered tap water.

I don't think people realize what we spend on bottled beverages. If most of them add up their waters, pops, and juices for one week, they'd be surprised.

I was drinking an energy drink, a coffee, and water a day. Those add up to $5.50 a day. There is about 21 workdays in a month, so that comes out to $115.50 a month. Now, I brew my own coffee (30 cents) and bring two bottles of water bought at Giant Eagle (20 cents each). That makes it 70 cents a day. I save a lot more now.

The concept of bottled water is fantastic, but way overpriced when you buy it as a convenience. Especially when proper planning would make it so it wasn't a convenience issue. Buy it in bulk, and take it with you when you need it. It's still a little silly to pay 20 cents for one tenth of a cent worth of water, but the portability factor is more reasonable decision now.

That is hilarious. I thought Evian was more than two bucks a bottle because it's imported from France. Anyway, anybody who will pay ridiculous amounts of many for water just because of the fact that its from France is a moron.

A lot of bottled water is "out of the tap" so to speak unless it says spa water on the bottle. But mostly bottled water is a rip off.

Haha. I have never noticed this before! That is hilarious. I would never pay as much as some people do for something that I can get out of a faucet.

Thank goodness I gave up Water consumption decades ago. what does Beer spell backwards? Reeb!
sounds good to me, aaa!
thanks for the info!

probably not.


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