is it possible to drink a can of coke AT ONCE without going "AHHHHHHH"?!

Question: Is it possible to drink a can of coke AT ONCE without going "AHHHHHHH"?
like drinking the hole can non stop


I don't say "AHHHHHHH" after I down a can of Coke non-stop. I say, "BURRRRRRP."

Well, you have chosen to ask a more complicated question. Even someone of my stature could not answer this question, but I will do my humbly best. The reason it will be so difficult for me to answer this question is because of the immense amount of variables present. Who is this person? Age? Sex? Gender? Has this person drank 4 cokes already prior to this can of coke? Is this the first can of coke that this person has ever drunk? What were the conditions when the person drank this coke? Was the person dehydrated? Nauseated? Sir, you cannot ask such a complicated question and expect a typed answer - without charts, diagrams, or dialogue.

Coke is so over-rated. Dr. Pepper is just amazing:)

No! That's just not possible.

I like potatoes


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