Home made rocket out of Diet Coke and Mento's?!

Question: Home made rocket out of Diet Coke and Mento's?
What is the best way to make a home made rocket that will be powered by Diet coke and Mento's mints?


You can make a rocket OR you can totally prank someone...I did this way back in high school. So you tie 2 or 3 pieces of Mentos to a string, place the string on the lip of the 2 liter diet coke bottle with a little excess hanging off (MAKE SURE THE MENTOS DOES NOT TOUCH THE COKE), screw the cap on top of the string, and this is important, give it to a friend or maybe someone you don't like or whoever. So when they open the bottle cap the mentos will drop into the coke, thus creating that awesome geyser explosion we're all so fond of. Have fun!

you can try this :


2 liter diet PESPI 1pack mentos = fun

a 2ltr of diet coke 1 roll of mentos recap bottle shake wip at ground = fun times

my childhood

Use 2 packs of Mentos.

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