Headache when I don't drink coffee?!

Question: Headache when I don't drink coffee?
I'm 13. Since i was 10 I'd drink a cup here and there, nothing much. When seventh grade started I began drinking 1-2 cups a day. Today I didn't drink it, and I had a pretty bad throbbing headache. I've had this happen before but it's unpredictable. Sometimes I can go days without any caffeine, sometimes I need a second cup or I get a headache. Is this bad? My friend says I'm addicted but I feel confident that I could go on decaf for quite a while. It's just that my mom doesn't buy decaf, and I pretty much just drink what she brews.


Yes, it's a withdrawal headache. Caffeine is a highly addictive stimulant. You can either take a pain reliever for headache or drink a caffeinated beverage. BTW, Excedrin contains caffeine. FYI decaf coffee is not caffeine free. It still contains small amounts of caffeine than it's regular counterpart.

My mom has the exact same thing. It means that you have an addiction to the caffeine, and the headache is a withdraw symptom. Basically, you either need to stop drinking coffee and suffer through the headaches until the addiction wears off, or continue to drink coffee. Maybe you could try weaning yourself off it, drink just a cup for a week or so, then like half a cup for a while, until you don't need it at all.

You are definitely experiencing a caffeine withdrawal. Ask you Mom to buy you some decaf. I am sure if you tell her what is happening she will buy it for you. Good Luck

Sounds like you're having withdrawal symptoms from caffeine.
Yes, it's bad.

It's called withdrawal - hate to say it, but your body is telling you that it wants caffeine.

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