Can i use bottled water for making formula?!

Question: Can i use bottled water for making formula?
can i use bottled water for making formula feeds? just, my box says it has to be steril water, and bottle water sterilised? plzzzzzzzzzzz sum1 say i can!! bloody kettles abt 2 die a painful death i think (just dnt fancy running to mothers in a thunder storm tonight!)


You can use it - only if you boil it first. It is full of bugs and salt though. Haven't you read the research? So you might as well save money and use tap water. UK tap water is safe to drink straight from the tap. You must boil it first though for infant formula.
Alternatively, breastfeed and then there's no need at all for any messing around. It's sterile at the point of delivery!
Please ignore ALL American answers to this question. They are irrelevant for UK and Ireland users.

Purified water is what ur supposed to use actually, but my older sister never did and all 6 of her kids are fine. Your also not supposed to microwave bottles instead your supposed to heat a pan of water and let the bottle float in it, again she never did that either she sometimes she even had to give it to them cold because we were out of the house and didn't have a way to warm it.

My older sister :)

It is fine, sometimes when you over-sterilise things, you just create a person who has absolutely no resistance to any passing disease. Remember, Louis Pasteur (Father of Hygiene) is dead.

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