What are the risks of energy drinks?!

Question: What are the risks of energy drinks?
I drink these horrible things too much. I don't feel like im addicted to the caffine but whenever im in a shop i will buy one- its not like i crave them. Is there some facts you can give me that will make me not want to buy them- health related.


Caffeine addiction, go more than a day without and you get withdrawal (headaches)

uhhh too many energy drinks can mess with your metabolism and it can give you heart palpitations, or if you drink like 5 redbulls in one night, your heart might just plain explode. :D

I have a solution that will help you not buy them. That is picking up a box of Crave online that way you don't need them at the store.


Caffeine addiction and very fattening.

Heart palpitations!

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