Pre-ground coffee vs instant coffee?!

Question: Pre-ground coffee vs instant coffee?
I've recently been introduced to coffee via starbucks & timmy and now I think it's time to take the next step and buy some to drink at home. I don't really want to use whole beans because at this point I don't feel the need to buy a grinder. I was wondering if there are any good instant coffees or ground coffees out there.

Also, I'm kind of confused about ground coffee... With ground coffee, you still need to buy a coffee maker, right?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Instant coffee is NOT coffee. There is no "good instant coffee"!! If you're going to drink coffee, it's not hard to make. Yes, for ground coffee (not instant), you need to buy a coffee maker. You can get one pretty cheap.

Personally, I don't care for Starbucks coffee at all, but that's a personal preference. You can buy ground coffees there. I don't get my coffee in a regular supermarket, but I know Paul Newman's coffees are very good.

Any coffee other than instant requires a coffee maker of some sort. It can be a fancy electric model, or a simple French press.

If you like Starbuck's coffee, they sell it pre-ground at many grocery stores. Also, a lot groceries have a bean grinder in the coffee aisle--you buy the beans you want, grind 'em there, and take 'em home. (Set the grind a little finer than you actually want the beans; heavy use wears the blades down a bit and makes the final product a little coarser than it should be.)

You should pick a grind based on the type of coffee maker you're using. A French press uses a very coarse grind. An espresso maker uses the very finest grind--almost a fine powder. The average Mr. Coffee home machine can handle anything in the middle.

As for'll probably have to experiment a bit to find what you like. Buy small quantities of various blends until you hit on the ones that really trip your trigger.

Instant coffee is horrible!!! To start off, Wal-Mart has very inexpensive coffee makers. You will need on of those Mine cost me only about 13 dollars 2 years ago and still going strong. Black and Decker. I think Sunbeam is another inexpensive one. Filters-unless it comes with the mesh washable insert. Then peruse over pre-ground beans. Once you get into making your own coffee then go back and you can pick up a cheap bean grinder and check out the whole beans. My grinder was 9.99 and it's about 5 years old now.

You can get the grinder,and Mr. coffee maker and filters for under.30 dollars.The coffee beans are a little pricy,but come in a wonderful array of flavors.Walmart has Choclate Velvet and Carmen truffle,which i blend and enjoy my morning coffee immensely.Usually Naked.

Once coffee is ground it begins to lose flavors. Ground at the roaster means a continued downhills slid for that coffee.
Want convenience? buy what every you want...
Want flavor? Buy whole beans that you know the roast date of. Better yet, roast your own beans then you KNOW it's fresh and flavor full....

yes with ground coffee you will need some kind of coffee maker
with instant you merely boil water and add to the tsp of instant you have in the cup
but you will find both will not be like what you bought at Starbucks

Ground coffee can be used with a french press if you do not want to get a coffee maker. If you do decide to purchase an electric coffee maker, then seriously consider one that will preheat the water. Hotter water (vs. one that just warms the water as it runs through) that is held and heated in a tank makes a better cup of coffee because the water temperature is much higher than a regular maker. It really makes a big difference in the cup of coffee. A french press uses hot water you pour in creating a good cup of coffee too. Spending a bit more on your maker is well worth it for a better cup of java. With that said, Tim Hortons sells their fine grind and decaf preground in cans and if you are in Ontario, it is available in their shops or in many grocery stores. As for Star Bucks, I cannot really say who might carry their coffee other than at their actual shops. I drink Tim Hortons coffee and have done so for years. There is a huge difference in taste between the two you have mentioned. As for instant..well..I really do not like any instant coffee, as it does not taste like a fresh brewed cup of coffee, but is handy to have around just in case you might run out of coffee. You only need hot water to add to instant coffee.

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