Downfalls of artificial sweeteners?!

Question: Downfalls of artificial sweeteners?
I am writing an essay on why this topic so I would greatly appreciate any points(:


First, we (science) doesn't *really know* what the effects are. Until lately, artificial sweeteners were actually recommended to those trying to lose weight or with diabetes, etc, but now more and more negatives are being researched and discovered.

One you can look up though (a fairly recent discovery) is that people who consume artificial sweeteners will be more prone to Type II diabetes because they cause insulin to be released (in response to the 'sugar') but not then all the insulin just hangs around in the blood instead. Who knew there were taste receptors for sugar in the stomach, intestine and probably evennthe pancreas, colon and esophagus?!?!?, what will science discover next?…

Some other reasons:
" . . .A major American controlled study on 80,000 women showed that those who regularly use artificial sweeteners put on more weight per year than those who do not use them.
What is even more surprising is the finding that, with the widespread use of sweeteners, the consumption of ordinary sugar and sugary foods has increased, too. In other words, the more artificial sweeteners you consume, the more food urges you have, thereby fulfilling their patent as an appetite 'enhancement' . . . . "

Aspartame is found in most artificial sweeteners and diet drinks. There are many bad side effects from it. The FDA denied it EIGHT times before it was released.
Read the book "Skinny B*tch" and they will explain all about it.

They taste like crap compared to sugar.

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