What are the teas that you like to drink or What are your favorite teas?!

Question: What are the teas that you like to drink or What are your favorite teas?

green tea / Oolong

There's no way I can choose just one favorite specific tea, though my favorite general type would probably be oolong, just because it's so diverse. I would recommend Tieguanyin Anxi "Monkey Picked" oolong - it's one of my favorite oolongs. I love the deep, richly sweet flavor and the very fresh, stone-fruit aroma. Soft yet complex, this wild-grown Tieguanyin is oxidized slightly less than the traditional 50-70%, more like the modern-style Tieguanyins. This is the type of oolong that is often referred to as ‘Monkey-picked Oolong’, one of the more confusing terms in all of Chinese tea vernacular. I tend to believe the tales of tea-plucking in such remote places and on such rugged terrain that it required the assistance of trained monkeys to access the plants. The fable is also considered to be a possible antithesis to the white tea of the Emperors, plucked only by white-silk-gloved-virgins. Who knows definitively about the lore, but the tea tastes fantastic!

If you would like to try some of this tea, I find that this website sells it at reasonable prices: http://www.teatrekker.com/shop/tieguanyi… . Also be sure to check out some of the other teas they offer – they're all really great!

tea connoisseur

I mainly drink a loose leaf black tea that is flavoured with cardamom, which I get from a little halal market in Winnipeg, andy they get the tea from England. I also like Rooibos chai in the evening because I don't do caffeine at night.

Old Pu-erhs (preferably green). However other teas are awesome too, I like them all :)

Green tea, or Earl Grey.

Straight with no sugar, and made with loose tea in a clay teapot, not bags. Bag processed tea is not as good.

Earl Grey is my favorite, alongside iced tea (NOT sweetened).

I like chamomile, rooibush and English earl grey tea.

-Green Tea
-Black Tea
-Oolong Tea

Green tea and iced tea.

Chamomile and green are my favorite n.n

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