Is drinking splenda sweetened drinks really ok for health?!

Question: Is drinking splenda sweetened drinks really ok for health?
Not for improving it, but just not altering it. obviously better than sugar.


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I don't trust any kind of sugar substitute. I really don't think they are better than sugar. Eating too much of a sugar substitute increases sugar cravings just like real sugar does. Also, after learning about all the health problems caused by aspartame, I don't trust the FDA on these matters. I stick to real sugar but just limit my intake.

It's better than aspartame, but a friend of mine who's a nutritionist told me that there's some research showing that excessive use of splenda can suppress the function of part of the endocrine system--might have been the parathyroid but I'm not sure.

The only non-sugar sweetener I've found that is totally harmless is Stevia, a plant extract that has almost no calories and does not alter blood glucose levels. It's not approved as a sweetener because the makers of Nutrasweet have the FDA by the gonads, but I've been using stevia for years. It's sold as a 'nutritional supplement' in most health food stores and some groceries.

depends who you ask

some think the chemicals it breaks down into could be harmful, some don't

if you want to be a little more likely to be safe, look for stevia-sweetened drinks, which is a natural sweetener.

I'm a type II diabetic and I use splenda all the time. It's one of the sugar-alcohols and it's not going to break down into anything harmful.

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