Can I swallow a pill with soda?!

Question: Can I swallow a pill with soda?

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If water is not available.. why not? Although, some pills DO specify in their bottle that must be ingested with water only or with food ( full course meal like breakfast or dinner) or with an empty stomach or with orange juice, name it, there are a lot of variations here but they are explained by the Doctor to the patient and then explained by the pharmacist to the patient and then explained in the bottle.But taking in consideration that it would be like for some acetaminophen or aspirin or such, there's no problem with that.

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My own! I remember when I asked that SAME question to my doc and then he explained that to me.

As soda has a high concentration of Caffeine i wouldn't recommend it. If you have no water available at ALL, which is highly unlikely, do what you need to do to choke it down lol. Otherwise, just use water, wait 15 minutes then drink the soda.


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