Am i drinking too much coffee?!

Question: Am i drinking too much coffee?
i have been trying to stay up lately so i can practice for the SAT'S
i have been studying like crazy and been up doing practices from 4 pm up until 12 am
for the past two days i have had about 4-7 small cups of 100% columbian black coffee.
i have 3 more days of this.
is this unhealthy?


Drinking this much coffee maybe a little harmful if that is ALL you are drinking. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water too. If your urine has been yellow, then you need to drink some water. Also, when you get off of all of this coffee, your going to experience headaches. Don't worry, your body is just adjusting to the lack of extra caffiene. The headache will last about a day. **DO NOT DRINK MORE CAFFIENE TO MAKE IT "BETTER"! This will only add to the next day and give you another headache.

With love,

p.s GOOD LUCK ON THE SAT'S!! :) :)

It may not be that bad for you if it's not a habit.
One thing though, be extremely well rested for the test.
Going in tired/wired slows down your brain.

It could be unhealthy, but if your handling it ok I guess it will be fine for a short period of time.

just don't drink too much caffiene for too long, you may want to switch to decaff a bit

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