what is your favorite coffee creamer?!

Question: What is your favorite coffee creamer?
mine is pumpkin spice right now cuz of the holidays yummm.. but i also like the chocolate mint and mudslide ones too


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I prefer evaporated milk in my coffee. But I do like International Delight Amaretto.

I am drinking some of the Gevalia "Royal Vinter" coffee with Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice in it right now. I also have the Gingerbread, Peppermint Mocha and Vanilla Spiced Rum Coffee Mate creamers in the beverage refrigerator. The Vanilla Spiced Rum - I don't care for that too much. I like all three of the others, but as far as seasonal flavors go, I like the Gingerbread the best. It's also the only one I cannot duplicate using Torani syrups or other flavorings. I've not seen 'the eggnog one yet in my area, but when I do I will pick some up and see if I like it or not. I don't remember. lol!

I drink coffee from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed at night, so I always have a lot of creamers, syrups and other things about to make fancy-schmancy versions of my coffee. As far as the non-seasonal creamers go I always have coconut (good with mocha for a dessert coffe - tastes like an Almond Joy or Mounds candy bar), cinnamon vanilla and creme brulee. There's a chocolate chip creme brulee out but it's limited edition. Before the holidays, that was my absolute favorite. I hope they keep it around!

coffee fiend

I like good ol' half & half. If I want pumpkin flavor, I can get a naturally flavored pumpkin coffee and other natural flavors. I'm sure those creamers are delicious... just don't read the ingredients label. :)

Real cream only please. Can't stand any of those artificial things in my coffee.

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