Pepsi or coke!....? If you drink soda which is your favorite!?!

Question: Pepsi or coke!....? If you drink soda which is your favorite!?
If you had to choose between these two sodas only, I personally don't drink black soda, but if I had to choose I would probably pick coke. I've tasted Pepsi and it's way to sweet!!

As for my favorite soda.....ORANGE SODA especially sunkist;)
Although I rarely drink soda now......


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Coke, but I actually prefer Diet Coke, then Coke, then Pepsi. I will only drink Diet Pepsi under extreme duress.

pepsi :)
although coke is also very good but i always get a pepsi if i can :)
haha and yes! sunkist is also VERYY good
if there was a pepsi and sunkist next to each other i'd get sunkist just because i love the taste
BUT my fav is pepsi :)

Coke over Pepsi, though Diet Coke reigns supreme.

Seriously, regular Coke tastes like carbonated corn syrup, and Pepsi tastes like carbonated soap. Diet Coke, on the other hand, is just right.

It is always diet coke for me. I stocked up and now have enough two-liter bottles of Coke to line up along two kitchen walls. Unfortunately that is about a month or two worth of it.

Corn syrub is bad for you, just stick with orange soda or none at all or dilute soda with a little bit of water. Also do not drink diets they contain ASPERTAME, a deadly substance

Both are bad and i also prefer orange soda.




pepsi throwback made with natural sugar not corn syrup

Diet Pepsi..


both r bad drinks don"t drink it they burns our lungs

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