Side of effects of lots of Energy Drinks over long period of time?!

Question: Side of effects of lots of Energy Drinks over long period of time?
I've been drinking about 2/3 Monsters (500ml) cans a week for the last few months as it helps me wake up at work, usually over 2 days I will take out 2 cans.
Don't seem a lot, but I've been doing it for a few months, and I heard that continues consumption of these drinks will have side effects, maybe cause problems in the future?


It usually causes issues with the heart regardless of age. You may notice a slight murmur in your heart, like for example some people get the feeling that their heart skips a beat for a sec. if this happens to you, you should quit drinking them immediately. Just drink coffe.

Euphoria, insomnia, anxiety, but this is excessive.....drinking more than two a day is bad, its best to drink water after using energy drinks

I would just lay off them they are bad news

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