can too much water ruin tea's health benefits?!

Question: Can too much water ruin tea's health benefits?
I use a really big coffee mug for my tea. I use the two leaves and a bud sachets for each cup, and I was wondering if too much water can somehow dilute tea's health benefits. I know the flavor will be a little diluted, but all I care about is the health benefits. I usually drink rooibos tea, geen tea, or chamomile. About 1-2 cups a day. Sometimes maybe 3. Its just hot water, so I suppose it shouldn't do anything...but recently went to Teavana and they gave me all types of ways to "ruin" tea.



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'Two Leaves and a Bud' is a reference to the growth-tip of the tea bush, Camellia sinensis, from which real tea is made; "Rooibos tea" is not actually a tea at all, rather it's the twigs & leaves of a bush (Aspalathus linearis) called the Red Bush. It might taste nice, but scientific studies have not established even the slightest health benefit from drinking it. Green tea IS an excellent source of antioxidants, although that health benefit may be somewhat outweighed by the vast amounts of (naturally-occurring) fluoride in it (a cup of brewed Green tea contains 3-5 mg/L, whereas the level established as "safe" in water is 0.7 to 1.2 mg/L) which can cause pitting of the teeth and bone loss.

Neither is 'Chamomile tea' actually tea, it is a tisane of the plant Matricaria chamomilla

You would do well to develop your knowledge of health & the sciences from medical studies and schooling rather than from stores at the Mall!

(BTW, I drink LOTS of tea, because it tastes good and I like it....if you want to live a long, safe, happy life, then rather than worrying about which tea to drink, take measures that will DEFINITELY help you with that, like not smoking, not drinking to excess, staying active, maintaining a healthy weight, and wearing a crash helmet any time you are moving faster than 15mph, relative to the ground beneath you....)…

Chamomile 'tea' can be quite dangerous;…

The only thing that would be diluted with too much water is the taste. The health benefits being, vitamins, and antioxidants would all still be present in the same quantities, the only way you would miss out on them is if it was too diluted to make drinking it possible; thus leaving them in the mug!

Otherwise your fine, drink up!

there's no way the health benefits wouldn't go away although it may taste a bit tasteless and plain.

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