5 hour energy? Does it work?!

Question: 5 hour energy? Does it work?
With finals coming up, I need something to keep me up while I study. I was curious if this works or if there are other products/drinks like it that work. Note: I am not a huge fan of coffee


Well, let me tell you. I did a research on college about energy drinks and their output and to be certain, the one drink that got the majority of the things they've promised was the 5 hour energy drink. We compared over 20 energy drinks and almost all of them cause the painful crash ( being physically and mental exploited) and the 5 hour energy drink didn't gave the crash feelings to most of the users. But the 5 hour energy like all of them, is high on caffeine so be careful using it if you are sensitive to coffee but at least they say it.. one shot equals 3 cups of coffee. Also, comparing it to the other energy drinks, the 5 hour energy drink does not contain the creepy chemicals others contain thus containing only vitamins and stuff that aren't that dangerous. So yes take one shot or bottle ( please do not take more than that). If you take the 5 hour energy drink, you will see results on focus, energy like stamina and yes.. for a longer time than taking red bull or monster which are all horrible.

My own. Research on college of energy drinks, soft drinks and their energy outputs

I have tried 5 hour energy a few times and it doesn't seem to work. It also gave me the jitters i really don't prefer it. However red bull is a great alternative. It taste great, and it WORKS! it is a little pricey but if you're trying to stay awake for a test it is well worth it.

I think it works REALLY good. Like it says , hours of energy , but no crash later , I would prefer that over energy drinks.

No it doesn't work
'It's just another red bull or monster that gives
you jitters and then make you crash later on!

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