Are fiber one bars unhealthy?!

Question: Are fiber one bars unhealthy?
I looked at nutrition facts and it was like 10grAms of sugar and like 7 grams of fat. I just want to know how oftn Should I eat these because if I didn't care about nutrition I would be eating 4 a day. But are they unhealthy because I read somewhere it takes 5 grams of fat to trigger your body to store fat. I need you opinions help


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yes my girlfriend Jafar eats them and has BAD gas

to the person above me, gas does not equal unhealthy
if you eat fiber, you will experience gas or the need to use the bathroom, thats what fiber is for- it's goof for you. that being said, although fiber one bars are not awful for you, it is healthier to get your fiber from natural sources, like fruits and vegetables instead of packaged food

they're not bad, just eat them in moderation, veggies are better!

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