What kind of blender to get?!

Question: What kind of blender to get?
I want a good blender that crushes fruit into juice not smoothie with the stuff in it like really crush and when you drink it,it feels like water


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You really want a pumped up blender?! Well check out this blender! He's the boss of the blenders.
Its called the blend-tec total blender. They state that it can literally pulverize anything so I think that it shouldn't have any problem doing what you want!

But also, if you don't want the Blend-tec you should try any blender that has the option of ''liquefy'' which means turn into liquid, not the mushy thing that you don't want.


And also try Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.. Guaranteed to not make a smoothie but only fruit or vegetable juice!


Hope it helped!!

My own!!

Get a Bamix , its swiss and look it up on www.bamix.ch , they sell it at Amazon.com , it's the best blender you can get even makes mayo from eggs n oil.

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