okay... what can i drink !??!?!

Question: Okay... what can i drink !??!?
i drink to much soda and am going stop drink so much becaus it is said to be bad for me.... but now i was going to drink Juice and was told it was as bad.. and then i was going drink milk and then it turns out it is also bad for you !
what can i drink besides water that is good ?


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Drink fresh fruit juices. Its good for health.

Tea is a good choice. For mood and visual enjoyment, flowering tea or blooming tea. For freshness and health, green tea, for eight control, green tea or Wu long tea. In case you're interested, here are some info:

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You could drink flavored water or you could drink tea. I mean you can drink pop once in a while but not every time you get a drink. What I would do is get a pop once a week.. Then let's say have flavored water twice a week. Then tea 3 times a week.. Something like that would be healthy.

You could try flavoured water,volvic do them,you can get lemon or strawberry flavoured water.

drink everything but in moderation. You shouldn't consume alot of one thing. That includes water. Mix it up, and you'll be healthy.

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common knowledge

Drink pure milk. Its good for health.

Drink green tea

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